The Herd

The Herders:

Limitless Lisa
Juggling marriage, kids, work, and college, she is taking on the world one family crisis at a time. “Limitless” is not a description of her super powers, it is her battle cry!  She can do it all! She might do it half asleep and with crazy hair, coasting on fumes and caffeine, but do it she will because she takes this game called life seriously and even if she has to crawl over the finish line she’s getting her participation ribbon, dammit.  Her philosophy: chaos must be tamed- follow the plan, people!    
Big Guy
Herding this flock like a boss, he tackles it all. A true domestic engineer, he’s the glue that holds this chaos together.  He’s a hands-on, stay-at-home dad extraordinaire, loving father of five, fabulous food fixer, and a mechanical genius.  He is the calm in the storm. He has a serious aversion to calendars and lists. His philosophy:  laid back living- it’ll all be fine, folks.

The Boy
Atypically awesome, he embraces autism with grace and is extremely tolerant of his neurotypical family. He is the only male in the young herd, a brilliant sculptor of aluminum cans, lover of nature, and avid gardener. All grown up, but forever our baby, he is pursuing a degree in special education at the local university. He pops in here and there and gives his momma a hug. His philosophy:   stay green, smile, help others – you’ll find true happiness.

Taking this world by storm, with a gift for slapstick and improv, she is witty, comical, and incredibly nurturing. Though she is resilient and tough, her soft side peeks through on a regular basis. Careful now, she bites.  She is wrapping up high school and looking forward to working with kids in the mental health field.  Her philosophy:  suck it up - you’ll get over it.

A gentle old soul, Fish is the true middle child. She is strong and determined, but flexes with the winds of change. She pokes fun at life, but her wit will catch you off guard.  She is incredibly creative, draws beautifully, and has a love affair with fabric. She is swimming her way through high school and is planning a career in fashion and art. Her philosophy: just coat it in chocolate- it’s all good.    

Rough Stuff
Rough Stuff is quiet and reserved, but assertive. She is sensitive, but tough as nails. She is a brilliant artist, collector of all things monkey, and a displaced Christmas elf. She celebrates Christmas year ‘round.  She is generous and loving and her laugh is contagious. She aspires to be an artist. Her philosophy: just sing a Christmas carol- it’s never too early.  

Little Bean
Singing her way through this big crazy world, Little Bean is the baby of the herd.  She is a Super Girl, complete with cape and super powers. She is loving and full of laughter, expressive and enthusiastic, always the star of the show. Her philosophy: add jazz hands- life is all about the flair.  

The size of a small pony, strong-willed and noble, he is the dog-guardian of the herd. Rescued by two strong and dedicated firefighters from the house fire, he has chronic lung disease and a persistent cough. He takes his job here very seriously, patrolling with an uplifting bark (no, seriously- it lifts him right off the ground) and sleeping with one eye open, right in the doorway.   His philosophy:  just chill out, people- not everything is worth your energy.   

The Pigs
Four guinea pigs share the home- one for each young member of the herd. (Because we're batshit crazy 'round here and adding more animals seemed like a good idea.) Their philosophy: fresh veggies- they're worth wheeking about. 

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