Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moving On

It's moving day!

Oh, for joy.

A series of unfortunate events has resulted in the end of the lease on our temporary home so we are moving to a new temporary home. Because, really...we just haven't experienced enough upheaval yet. Our real home won't be ready for some months yet (I refuse to acknowledge how many) so we are leaving our current home for our new temporary home. That is to say, some of our stuff is at the new place, some of our stuff is at the temporary place, and our mail still comes to the old place. Got all that?

I can't wait to live somewhere that has a working dishwasher and not a rented dishwasher (at my expense) sitting smack in the middle of the kitchen floor. Ah, the joys of renting.


That ice cream truck came in handy after all.

Ice cream truck, you say? What ice cream truck? Did you miss the ice cream truck saga? That's okay. You can catch up here. 

Ice cream truck turned moving truck.

All in all, it hasn't gone too bad. For the most part, everyone followed the system.

You see, I am a systematic packer. Every box is color-coded. The moving schedule is written on the whiteboard in the kitchen. Simple, simple. Strangely, the older the family member, the lower the odds that they can follow the system. The little ones did a fabulous job with just a little help. When they left for school they put their personal items (favorite dolls included) on the bed just like they were supposed to. The middle child packed every single shirt she owns and now has nothing to wear. The oldest forgot to pack at all apparently. One packed but didn't attempt to label until the crew was loading things on the truck. Aye yi yi. 

I get a little crazy when people don't follow the 'system'. 

Just follow the system people! Follow the SYSTEM! Work the PLAN! 

Cooperate, would ya?

(Deep breath)

And by tomorrow we shall be moved. 



  1. Every time I go to the pediatrician's office, they ask me if my address is still the same. And then, once I pick myself up off the floor from the hysterical "hahaha! oh, never in a million years am I moving! ahahahaha!" episode, I say yes.

    All that to say, I'm glad you're in a new house and that I hope that the next move is to take you back to your new-old house. And that that is sooner rather than later.

  2. Thanks so much, Erin! I would not wish this on anyone. Moving, in my opinion, is for young people without children!