Monday, August 25, 2014

Remember That One Time?

The Boy: Remember how you told me I was going to Monterey that one time?

Me: No. How?

The Boy: With the glass bottle? Remember?

Me: (blank stare)

The Boy: We were at the corner restaurant having dinner, and I took my little sister to the bathroom or something, and when I came back to the table the waitress brought me a message in a bottle. It said "pack your bags, you're flying to Monterey for the youth leadership conference!"

Me: I did that?

The Boy: Yeah! You don't remember?

Me: Huh. Dang. You've got a really cool mom!

I think I need a new memory stick installed. I've run out of space or something.


  1. My sister ran into me in the kitchen when we were in high school and broke her toe on my heel. I have no memory of that.

    And I may have told you this story before, and I just don't remember. Sad but true.

    1. That portion of the memory stick has been deleted.