Wednesday, July 25, 2012

With the Jester on the Sidelines in a Cast

We went to the skating rink Friday night. Against our will. The last time we were in a skating rink we left in an ambulance. That was our introduction to the SCFE. Ah, "face your fears" the Big Guy says. Usually. Usually he says that. He did not say that about skating Friday night. We were both feeling a little uneasy about letting any of our kids near a skating rink again.

But, the Fish's friend was having a skating party and we can't keep 'em bubble-wrapped forever.

She was doing great. And then it was time to stop. I never thought to teach her how to stop. (Go ahead...nominate me for Worst Mother of the Year Award. My kids will be the first to vote.) She leaned forward onto those little toe-stopper brakes and... know the science- an object in motion will stay in motion, blah, blah, blah.

The Fish and her  new waterproof, lime green cast. 


That's it. I'm done with this week. 

What? The house? You dropped by here to read about the house? 

Fine. I'll tell you about the house.

You can still...


Right THROUGH...


Would you look at that?! You can stand in the family room and see right through the walls into the upstairs bedroom. No matter how much progress we've made in 10 months...YES 10...I still say it is not a home until the place has walls. 

The insurance check has still not arrived. We still have a few crews working, but until the money arrives we cannot make the big push to finish things up. So, this week the soffits are going up, nail guards are being placed, and a new electrician is adding some final touches. Little bits and pieces but no major work. That is to say...NO WALLS. 

It's okay though, because when life hands us lemons...

Rough Stuff
We just SUCK. IT. UP. And move on. 

P.S. Dear crew, I do not mean in any way to pooh-pooh your efforts. I know you are there sweating the potassium right out of your over-tired bodies in this sweltering hell we call summer so I can have new framework and soffits and windows and such. You are doing a fabulous job. But, you know...I WANT WALLS, PEOPLE. WALLS! 

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