Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Picker is Broken.

It's now been one year and one month since the fire, but hey...who's counting?

We're in the final push now. It's become a sort of mission. We're going to move back into our house if it kills us! We're going to move back in if we have to hang all the trim with the help of our neighbors and cousins! We're going to move back in if we have to pick up the paint brushes and paint oursel...



We are NOT painting this house ourselves! A girl has to draw the line somewhere!

The painter had better be slappin' some paint on tomorrow or this girl is going to track him down and have a come to Jesus meetin'.

No. No. I don't care if he had someone else's house to paint. No. I don't want to hear it. I want him to paint MY house. NOW.

I want to go HOME!



I really can't complain too much. (Well, I could, actually, but I'm just too tired so I won't.) There has been quite a lot of rapid change in the house.

I cannot yet show you before and after photos so how about from this to this  photos?

Yup. Let's do it.

The fireplace went from this...
to this...
Ugh.  The soot stained facing and corroded insert has been removed.)
to THIS!
It's not finished yet, but wow! What an improvement! Apparently those rounded corners are proving to be a hassle as the tile we picked for the installation cannot be made round. We're aiming for flagstone now. I'll let you know how that works out. (Sigh.)

The floors went from this...
Lovely plywood.
to this...
Even more lovely, Hardie Backer.
to THIS!
Oh so much better!
Ta-da! And then we had to do this...
Grout color? Grout comes in colors?
Pick the grout color. For crying out loud! I've picked the tiles. How much more do they want from me? And why is it all of the colors we like were 'out of stock' and '10-day special order'? Of course they were.

Check out the master bath shower:
I'm lovin' it!
And the tub room:
Very nice. 
We had to pick grout for this tile too. Pick. Pick. Pick. Pick furniture. Pick tile. Pick linoleum. Pick a doorbell. Pick rock. Pick a door style. Pick a siding color. Pick paint. Pick cabinets. Pick a counter top laminate. Pick drawer pulls. Pick a sink. Pick a light fixture. Pick 19 more. Pick the outlet covers. Pick a faucet. Pick dishes. Pick towels. Pick a shower door style. My picker is just about broken. 

Tonight, I walked by a mirror in a department store and suddenly this sick feeling came over me. It was sort of a panicky-angry-whiny-stomach-in-a-knot emotion that I wanted to run from. It was the realization that we forgot to buy vanity mirrors and lights. 

That is a problem. A problem I have less than one week to resolve. 

More pickin'.

The end is near-er-er than before. Very, very soon the 'Welcome Home' post will be here!



  1. Reading this is bringing my own adventure with house fires and rebuilding back to me. I know exactly how you're feeling at this point. I really honestly do. Our rebuild only took 5 months and by the end all the delays were excruciating and all that picking and picking - so if I was ready to combust after a mere 5 months of this- I can 100% understand how much worse it is for you right now.

    The worst is when you're SO CLOSE but still not home. All I can say is that the moment you all move back into your house you will feel so good. Overwhelmingly good. And you will be glad at all the time you took over the endless tedious details you had to make decisions about. And the best thing of all is that your house will be better now than it was before. You and I were able to rebuild our houses - some can't - and after a fire you not only have to fix things - it becomes an opportunity to improve things. Our house was so much more awesome after we fixed it than it had been before.

    So just hang in there a little longer. It's going to be worth all this agony.

  2. Yes, grout comes in colors. And I can tell you from living in this house, WHITE is the WRONG CHOICE. Who the heck can keep white grout clean?