Monday, October 8, 2012

Whoa...The Weekend is Over?

The weekend went by like a whirlwind. First, there was the Friday night football game. I put on my purple Chuck Taylor's and dumped all of my game-going gear in my purple varsity-lettered Retro-Metro bag and ran like crazy to make the pre-game show.

The biggest girl and her Color Guard besties performed like rockstars in the pre-game show and I was all "Go Girls!"

And then my littlest girls cheered their hearts out as junior cheerleaders for the whole 1st quarter and I was all "Awww!"

And then the football players ran the ball and I sat on the bleachers and it was 40 degrees and I was all "Blast! It's Too Flippin' Cold For Football!"

And then, as half-time finally rolled around (because somehow in football world 9 minutes can take, like 25 minutes) it was time to run and pick the middle child up at the middle school dance so I totally missed the half-time performance and I was all "Dammit!"

But, that's okay because I had, you know...two more freeze-yo-rump-off opportunities to watch that show over the weekend.

We followed some of the band to Winsteads and enjoyed hot chocolate and fries and the kids dipped their fries INTO their hot chocolate and I was all "Why Do I Eat With You People?!"

And then I was in bed all warm and cozy and all of sudden "RING RING RING RING RING RING!!!!" because it was already Saturday and I was all "Filth and Filth and Foul."

The Big Guy dropped Tuna off at the band bus loading site because he is way better with mornings than I am and he doesn't need makeup to leave the house that early. I raced like crazy to get to the first performance of the day and when I pulled into the stadium just in time to follow our band in I was all "I AM the Bomb!"

I ran from the performance to my volunteer post as a gate bouncer and when I actually had to bounce a grown man who tried to bully his way past me I was all "Don't Mess With the Tired Fat Woman Because I Will Take You Down!"

Still angry at that asshat (thank you so much fellow co-worker for embedding that term into my brain) for his audacity, I scarfed down something from Sonic and raced to meet up with the rest of the family so we could get Tuna dropped off at the second band bus loading site for the day and follow them across town for a competition. I was all "Whose Idea Was This Schedule Anyway?!"

By the time my rump was officially acclimated to the cold bleachers and my snot was frozen the announcer began calling out the winners of  the competition and our high school Color Guard took their first award and the band cleaned up with several awards and was announced the 2012 Grand Champion of the marching festival and I was all "YEAH!" and  as the band marched off the field singing "Hey, Hey Baby...I Wanna Kno o o o o w if I Can Be Your Girl" I was in absolute perfect awe of my wonderful, crazy, busy, life.

And then, a few hours later, at an all-night restaurant with some really happy, giggling Color Guard girls I was all "Whose Idea Was Dinner Anyway?" and "Can We Sleep NOW?"

The weekend was so insane that I hardly had time to think about the house and that was a really nice break.

The run-on sentence crazy whirlwind weekend is over now and life is once again punctuated in short staccato bursts.

"Don't forget to pay the rent for the refrigerator."

"The electrician didn't run the lead wire for the A/C unit."

"Did the painter confirm?"

"They're sanding the overspray."

"Insurance meeting on Wednesday."

Ah...back to rebuilding.

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