Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Share a Shower With a Giant

Today, I did something I have not done in 16 months. I showered in the master bathroom.

I know. Super exciting. The last time I stood in that shower was September 21, 2011. I have missed my shower. I've used hotel showers, and nice rental house showers, and crappy rental house showers. I've even fallen through a rental house shower. I've been using the really nice main bath shower for 2 1/2 months. But, I missed my shower.

So...I stepped into my shower today. Only, it wasn't my shower. Like everything since the fire, it has changed. For the most part, I enjoyed the changes.

Nice, yes?
I love the tiles!

And the new rain glass shower doors are awesome!

But then I stepped into the shower and...



This shower was built for a GIANT.

No, seriously! Look again. I'll give you an EYE-LEVEL view. 

I kid you not. That faucet handle is armpit level for me. Armpit level! I can barely reach the soap! I have to stand on my tippy-toes to  adjust the shower head. Towel over the shower bar? Toss and hope. 

The Big Guy's response to my distress? "So I won't have to bend over to get my head under the water?!"


I guess I don't call him the Big Guy for nothin'. Last time I let him design a shower stall. 

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