Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ice Age

It's official. The Midwest has entered an ice age.
T-Rex Mex loves the snow.
All residents are urged to rush to the local big-box store and stockpile mass quantities of bread and bottled water. Kansas City is expecting another 10 to 12" of snow and anyone caught without bottled water will surely perish. Because somehow snow-packed side streets hinder access to tap water. 

Proof that we are expecting a crisis of epic proportions:   

Everybody is hoarding food and hunkering down. 

And obviously, not everyone is playing fair. 

I just needed some eggs and a loaf of bread, people! Bread hoarders! I hope you're proud of yourselves! 


Maybe the snow will give us time to get some things finished inside the house. We need to add shelves, hang a few mirrors, and hang a curtain rod. All of the outside stuff will have to wait a little longer. 


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