Sunday, March 3, 2013

Avoiding the Honey-Do List

The honey-do list is long...

Honey-do List:

Base boards
Linen closet shelves
Full-length mirror in master closet
Pegs for jewelry in master closet
Rails on Tuna's bed
Organize and unpack office
Laundry room shelves and rod  

And it won't be changing any time soon.

I like to say the Big Guy was a lot like Charlie Brown kicking the football in the Peanuts cartoons. He likes to tell people I pulled back the football and made him fall. Honestly, I was nowhere near him and I'm really sad about that. If I'd been closer, I would have snapped a photo on my phone because I could see this whole disaster unfolding. 

The driveway was cleared of snow, but a few patches of ice remained here and there. He was kicking a tub of snow out of the driveway so we wouldn't run over it with the truck. He kicked the tub several times and then rounded the corner of the house where I could no longer see him. I didn't need to see. I knew. I heard the last kick. Then I heard this sound. It was kind of a grunt wrapped in a sort of splat mingled with a sonofablip.  I rounded the corner and found the Big Guy flat on the ground in the slush just as I knew I would. 

And so begins the next chapter of our crazy lives. We meet the orthopedic specialist Monday morning. It should be refreshing. We get to visit the adult orthopedic clinic! Injuring both hands is one way to avoid the honey-do list. It is a little over the top if you ask me. 

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