Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mom Failings

Every Sunday, I stand, iPhone in hand, and update the calendar on our dry erase schedule. And then we live by the schedule. I do ask all family members to double check the schedule and ensure that their events and activities are accounted for. That works quite well. (Riiight.)


This week's schedule included a birthday. See that? Up there on Thursday?

Yeah. Only Rough Stuff's birthday was actually on Wednesday. Mom Fail.

But wait...there's more. What did we actually do on Wednesday? We had a slumber party for Tuna. We invited the whole color guard team for a sleepover complete with pizza and movies, on Rough Stuff's birthday. Ultra Mom Fail.

But gets better. We baked a birthday cake. Yes we did! For another kid, whose birthday was on Wednesday. We did not bake a cake for Rough Stuff. Because on the schedule, her birthday was on Thursday.  EPIC Mom Fail.

Yes. I'm hanging my head in shame.

Thank heavens my mother called to tell the kid happy birthday at 9:00 AM or I might not have even realized my scheduling snafu. But then again, if Mom hadn't called, I might have just slid right under the radar on this one. Did my mother save my butt or call me on the carpet here? Tough call.


I missed getting a back-to-school registration on the schedule. Yep. Thank heavens for those phone trees. The school actually called with one of those voice recordings designed to help parents like us remember to show up. There were two back-to-school events scheduled for Thursday and we are currently sharing one vehicle so the Big Guy got to drive the golf cart to the elementary school. He's super cool like that. It was rainy.

But, the Fish and I made it to the middle school and decorated her locker with the One Direction paper I found and since Harry Styles is so sexay  that makes me a pretty cool mom. So I was sort of able to redeem my bad self. (All opinions expressed about Harry Styles are those of the Fish.)

Wonderfully blurry locker pic.

So there.

The Big Guy picked up BBQ ribs for Rough Stuff's late birthday dinner (in the golf cart) and I created a layered black forest-ish trifle-like thing. Rough Stuff was a happy girl.

Happy 11th birthday Rough Stuff.
So, I'm not winning any Mom of the Week awards this week. There's always next week.

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