Sunday, September 22, 2013

Remember the 80s?

Some conversations in our home leave me with the heavy impression that we're doing it all wrong.

Fish: We have to dress like the 80s.
Rough Stuff: You should wear Tuna's wig!

Um...the Mad Hatter wig? From Halloween? Because...why?

Me: Yeah...that's not really 80s, guys.
Rough Stuff: Mom, were you alive in the 80s?
Me: Do the math.

Long pause.

Rough Stuff: WHOA! Moms' turning 40 next year!

I don't think I like this convo.

Rough Stuff: So, Dad had an afro?


Fish: No, Dad's tan, not black.


"Kids, let's Google some 80s images!"  Before this convo gets any more off track.

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