Monday, February 17, 2014

Just Like That, He Was Gone

One evening, we learned that the Boy's housing plan had been approved. We've been working toward this for almost two years, so we were all super excited. Then we learned that the moving truck would be arriving the next morning. Nothing prepares a mom for that moment.

We called all of the kids into our room for the announcement. "Bubba is moving out. Tomorrow."

Little Bean collapsed in a puddle of tears. I joined her.

We called the Boy into the room to hug her. She held his hand and snuggled up with him, tears flowing freely. I tried to hold back the tears, wondering why my heart hurt so much in this happy moment.

Rough Stuff and Fish looked on, amused. They were all "whatevs...bye." The Boy went off to pack and that was that.   

The next afternoon, the Boy loaded his possessions into the moving van. 

We stopped by his new apartment that night just to check it out. He was already putting things on the wall and settling in nicely. His roommate was out for the weekend so he had the place to himself. 

We took a few silly pics to celebrate the moment. 

And just like that...he was gone. 

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