Thursday, August 16, 2012

Be Still

Wow. The last few weeks have run us over. So much has happened. Where to start?

Since I'm writing this at midnight, I'll just add a quick list of happenings.

  • Tuna was released from the orthopedic surgeon. Our little SCFE is all healed up! This is huge news. She had very high odds of losing her hip when she broke the ball clean away from the femur the summer before last. The hip healed and she learned to walk again, but we were not out of the woods until the bone completely fused around the stainless steel screws. She is out of the woods now!  
  • School started! Woohoo! This means I have my room table back and the house is quiet so I can actually devote my remaining brain cells to work. You thing I do to make money. (I do need brain cells for that. And a table. To myself. Quiet space!)
  • We passed the next codes inspection.
  • The insurance check arrived and cleared the bank. 
Wait...what? That's right! We got some moolah from the insurance company! We can pay people! And when you pay them...they work! We're looking forward to insulation next week.

Exciting stuff right there. Insulation and back-to-school celebrating. We celebrated our last night of summer freedom with skyscraper sodas.
The Fish, Little Bean, Tuna, and Rough Stuff with one massive ice cream soda.
How to end all of that end-of-summer sibling squabbling: fill one giant glass with ice cream and soda, add 4 straws. Ahh...enjoy the silence.

Little Bean gave her approval. (Or maybe it was just a sugar high.)
Little Bean on an ice cream high.

This arrived!

I cannot even put into words how happy I was when this sign arrived! I might have squealed a little when I opened it. We had a sign like this on our wall before the fire. We bought it on vacation several years ago in a little shop in Eureka Springs called Sleepy's. The Big Guy really likes this verse and the night of the fire it seemed to speak to many of us. The sign just seemed to glow in the light of the flashlights as we walked through our home with the Red Cross and firefighters. 

Several months ago, I contacted the shop owner and asked  pleaded for a new sign. They don't have them anymore, but the wonderful man agreed to make me one and he shipped it to us, no charge. I am almost teary just writing this. I love it! I cannot wait to hang it on our new family room wall. 

If you're ever in  Eureka Springs, please...stop by the shop and hug that man for me! 

Next post: Insulation! I know you cannot wait to see photos of our new insulation! 


  1. That Man.... Was glad to be able to help you with the NEW SIGN.

    1. That man is just awesome! We appreciate it so much.

  2. That saying has always stuck in my mind in times of stress... Be Still And Know That I Am God... The day after we went back into the house that was what stood out. The wall was completely black and the other signs on the wall even had sap running out of them, but those words were completely visible for all to see with almost no signs of damage? When we tore the sheet rock off the wall where the sign was even the studs behind the sign were completely damaged.