Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Electric!

This, is a light bulb moment if ever I saw one.

See how that works? Hold plugged in light cage in hand. Insert bulb in mouth. Voila! Light emerges from head. 

I sure hope they have it all worked out better than that because we are about to be electrified. The electric company says we've passed their inspection and they will be running full power to our house soon. That means we can get rid of this half-wired mess:
Temporary electricity.

The wiring is installed. 
New panels.
Think we have enough? Holy moly. I sure hope so. 

That funny looking orange goop in the pic? Fire Foam. 
Fire Foam. 
It seals all of the holes around pipes and wiring thus preventing the spread of fire and smoke through the walls. Those metal plates? Nail guards. They prevent nails from penetrating the wiring. 

New outlets. New wiring. New panels. We're going to be almost electrical-fire-proof! I don't care. I will still not own another slow cooker. Ever. (You reading this Big Guy? You want chicken and black beans, you're gonna have to cook that stuff in the oven, sir!)

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  1. That's David helping hang some temporary lighting when he had a light bulb moment! Just trying to figure out what it might have been?