Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Have a Wall!

Check. It. Out!

It's a WALL!
Garage wall from the rec room side.
Garage wall from...well, the garage.
Everyone who's been within 10 feet of me in the last eleven months knows that I was not going to feel like we were making progress until I saw a wall go up. So, there it is folks. Our first wall. 

Oh, how I have needed to see a wall in my house again!

Now our house is going to start to look like a home again instead of a demolition or construction site. The cabinets are being built now. The power company is coming Monday. (Ahem. We've heard that one before.) Once the power is hooked up, the insulation crew can start working. And then we can build more walls!

1 comment:

  1. In PROGRESS!! We have all windows and outside doors in and almost have the electric done just waiting on KCPL to hook us up.