Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Mini-Tour of a Fire Reconstruction

Ok. Ok. I know. I promised more pics.

See, the problem is...I wanted to share pretty pics. The kind where the house is all set up nice and doesn't look lived in. But, we moved in before the house was even set up and guess what? My house is totally lived in. By 7 people. And 2 dogs who think they're people. And 5 guinea pigs who think they're dogs. And 1 rabbit.

Our house is so seriously lived in it is positively, well...homey. It takes on a personality that is all us. 

See for yourself...

The dino is just making sure everyone in the neighborhood  knows we are back because, you know...the house still looks like a construction zone from the outside. 

Crockpot cake, courtesy of Karen's Kaykes
We had a fun welcome home party at the house last weekend, or as a friend called it "the you can't take me down par tay." Our friend Karen (maker of totally too cute Karen's Kaykes) brought us a cake that looked like a little Crockpot. That was just the thing I needed. It brought a good laugh and I got to destroy the thing with a knife. Talk about healing. 

Here is what our totally lived in house is shaping up to look like: 
Family Room
And look! I even managed to light a candle. That is really quite an accomplishment for me. I had serious fire issues before the house caught fire. I wanted to light a candle by the bathtub a few days ago and I just could not make myself do it. It provoked so much anxiety I started to itch just thinking about it. This candle is inside a glass lantern and therefore less exposed and somehow that got past my panic meter. 

Living Room / Dining Room
This is the room the kids are not really allowed in. It is the one room of the house that can not at any time look lived in. It is the room that all unexpected guests are ushered into so they don't see how lived in the rest of the house really is. The dog is even looking at the un-vacuumed rug with shame. I can't wait for the next furniture delivery and to put curtains up in this room! That chair in the corner is calling my name. Me and my Nook belong right there. 

Tub Room
This is the tub room. Also known as My Sanctuary. I LOVE this room. And...

Master Vanity
I have my very own vanity! That means the Big Guy won't be knocking off my makeup when I'm trying to put my face on. Or dripping water on my makeup brushes. Or leaving his beard trimmings in my makeup brushes or sink. Oh. My. Stars. I am in heaven. 

There ya go. A mini-tour of a 'fire reconstruction'. 

Is it fabulous? 


Do I love it?

Oh yeah!

Was it worth it?

Hells to the no.    

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  1. Personally I just can't stop thinking "Yay they're home" regardless of what it looks like!