Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is just a short post and I promise to follow up with more very soon. Honest. Pinky swear.

When I was a teenager (dressed head to toe in black with long bangs in my over-eyeshadowed eyes) I was completely obsessed with Motley Crue. I had a Tommy Lee poster on the ceiling over my bed so I could look into his scary black lined eyes as I fell asleep. I owned every cassette tape the Crue had made and even a few bootleg ones. I never missed a concert. I even wore a black denim jacket with the Motley Crue Theatre of Pain faces airbrushed on the back. (Even when it was 80 degrees.)

Thank heavens I wasn't interested in tattoos or I would probably have those Theatre of Pain faces on my butt. Terrifying. Why am I telling you this? Well, if you didn't know me you might not know that my absolute favorite-ist song ever was Home Sweet Home. And without this treasure trove of background information you might not realize how this song has taken on such deep meaning for me now. The lyrics have been playing in my head for weeks. Talk about an earworm.

"My heart's like an open book
For the whole world to read
Sometimes nothing keeps me together at the seams...

I'm on my way
I'm on my way
Home sweet home"

Guess what?


Card from our fabulous neighbors!
Yup! Sunday night was our first night back in our home since September 21, 2011. We are back in Walnut Creek with the most fabulous neighbors ever. It feels so good to be home. We are adding final touches and unpacking boxes and still clearing things out of the rental house. The journey is not over. 

But we're HOME!
My house! Told you I have the best neighbors ever. 
In between the unpacking and working and cleaning I have slept. I have slept better than I have in a year. It feels like I'm sleeping away all of the trauma and worry. I love waking up in my own home again. 

I'll get pics up ASAP. Right after I unpack 55 more boxes.  

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