Sunday, March 24, 2013

15 Reasons I Love Snow in March

  1. There are no chiggers biting at my feet leaving me with nasty red, itchy welts that take weeks to heal. 
  2. I'm not sweating. No stinky, sweaty clothes. 
  3. No fireworks. No one is shooting flaming arrows into the sky above me or my house. 
  4. No mosquitoes. See number 1. 
  5. No spiders dropping from trees or crawling in my car. (Shuddering.)
  6. I don't have to stress about my old toenail polish or how yucky my heels look because hey, I can wear lug bottom, fur-lined Skechers. 
  7. No tornado warnings. 
  8. Only the Big Guy knows if I didn't shave today. 
  9. The snow is so pretty!
  10. More time spent indoors means less time looking at my un-sided house.
  11. I don't have to think about the wrecked landscaping quite yet. 
  12. Jeans, wool coats, fuzzy socks, and flannel lounge shirts appeal to my fabulous tastes in fashion. Okay, maybe not but they do nurture my soul. 
  13. Cold weather means more comfort foods! Can we say hot chocolate, beef stew, and warm mac & cheese? Oh yes. 
  14. Things get cancelled. No after school activities and no evening events. It's an opportunity to stay home and recoup. 
  15. The snow covers a multitude of sins. It even makes the big post-fire construction dumpster look nicer. 



  1. I love snow, period. Any time, anywhere. But isn't that typical of a person who never gets any?

    What kind of hell do you live in that chiggers are biting your feet and spiders are falling from the trees and mosquitoes and tornadoes are all part of spring except when it snows?! I'm so scared for you now.

    I'm glad for all the reasons you're enjoying it - I hope you get to keep it a little bit longer!

  2. It's called the Midwest. It's a spider and chigger haven. I absolutely love it here, 6 months out of the year.