Thursday, March 21, 2013

Man on a Motorcycle

The Fish performed in her 7th grade orchestra concert this week.

She was so nervous but the concert was absolutely wonderful. We also listened to the 8th grade orchestra concert. And the Bridges orchestra concert. And the Concert orchestra concert. And the Symphonic orchestra concert. Whew.  That was a long concert. 

I was well prepared for keeping two little sisters content and quiet through all those performances. I had a bag full of fidget toys. My absolute favorite fidget toy is the Tangle. I sat Little Bean and Rough Stuff between me and Tuna and brought out the Tangles. 

We made all sorts of fun shapes and the girls were so very, very quiet!

They sat there quietly twisting and tangling. 

And then Rough Stuff twisted her Tangle into this:

And that was the end of the quiet. 

She was using this shape as a bow to play her air violin which meant it was careening wildly through the air in a quite inappropriate motion. I looked over and gasped. 

I gave her the mom look and I shook my head and tried to look disgusted but Tuna and Little Bean were getting the giggles and then the nice ladies behind us began to giggle and all hope was lost. 

I motioned for her to scrunch it up with my hand but that only brought more hysterical giggles. 

That is a man on a motorcycle by the way. What were you thinking?

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