Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Spy

The demolition continues.

I Spy anyone? I spy something that will cut your toe off.

Ash and rubble in the kitchen floor.

You know all those bowls that never have matching lids? Or is it those lids that don't have matching bowls? Oh hell, it doesn't matter anyway. Just throw the whole damn mess in the dumpster.


And let's talk about wallpaper. Just don't, folks. Don't. Unless you intend to live in your house FOREVER, skip the wallpaper. No pink and white pillow ticking stripes. No puke-pink floral bouquet. No...I don't even know what this is. Just no. Don't do it. Ever. I can not think of a situation, an era, a theme, when it would ever be okay to use this wallpaper.

What was behind the dishwasher.

I must give kudos to our demolition crew. They are working hard, busting down walls, slinging stuff in the dumpster, throwing the trees? What the...

Ahem. Anyhoo. They are working really hard and most of the house now looks like this:

Check out the main bathroom there. With no wallpaper. And no baby-blue tile. Yep. That's the good stuff there. That bathroom is going to be the most beautiful shade of amaretto. I can see it now.

I also want to give kudos to my dear hubby who is in that mess everyday while I work from home in my jammies. He took all of the photos for today's post. Yep, feet, legs, crew, and all. Thank you, Sweet. That's the good stuff.  


  1. That is some terrifying wallpaper!

  2. Dude, if you want something on the wall, paint it there. Don't curse future generations with wallpaper.