Thursday, April 26, 2012


There are shiny things in my house!


Shiny metal!
Note: One should not wear flip-flops to a building site with shiny and sharp materials. One should not do that. One should also not wear long boot-cut jeans to a building site with sawdust and filth everywhere. Especially if one is particularly short. Ahem.

Today, the HVAC crew was hard at work installing our new bling!

New vent work.
Check it out!

New air duct in the dining room.
Ooh! Pretty!

New unit.
The new air handler is installed! I am absolutely giddy with excitement. This means the crews have quit demolishing things and started putting the house back together! It was so cool to see big, shiny things scattered throughout the bare framework. Shiny, blingy, awesomeness!

The basement floor is also intact once again and we have functional, up-to-code plumbing. 

New plumbing in the basement.
I'm loving it. If you've been following our progress, I hope you're loving it too! If you're keeping track, we've been out of our home seven months now. Yep. Seven. Some days that seems like forever so it's no wonder I get excited about shiny things. For seven long months I've looked at dark, dingy soot, plain, raw lumber, gray rock chunked out of the basement...boring. Finally, I see something pretty! I can't wait to see drywall! And cabinets! And paint!

You know it's been a long journey when sheet metal is this stinkin' exciting.  

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