Sunday, April 22, 2012

Holy Cannoli

So guess what happened at the house this week?


Isn't that exciting?

Actually, there was some progress this week. The plumbing is finished on the lowest level and they are ready to pour concrete back into the basement floor. The pipes are all in, but the hole in the floor...well...actually, hole is an understatement...the CRATER in the basement floor is still there so a lot was accomplished, but it doesn't feel very good. Oh, and the framing continued. There were things we wanted to happen this week though, that were put on hold.

On hold because there was nothing to do. No, no...that wasn't it. On hold because folks didn't show up to work. No, no...that wasn't it either. On hold because, believe it or not, subcontractors won't work without money. Who knew? Something about businesses to run and families to feed. There was a minor issue on a form that was faxed to the mortgage company, a sort of blurry check box type of issue and the form had to be filled out again and faxed again and processed again, which takes a minimum of 5 business days. (Insert choice word here.) So, no money = no work. No garage door installation. No insulation. No HVAC. (Shaking fist in the air.)

Even with all of that work stalled, the schedule and life in general nearly ran us over this week. Fortunately, the weekend brought a few fleeting moments of awesomeness. My oldest daughter turned 15 this week. She couldn't wait to get to the license bureau to get her driver's permit. She read a statistic that 50% of people taking their permit test for the first time fail. She is one of those people. Better luck next week.

Happy 15th Tuna!
We tried to erase the pain with a day out with a few friends. They spent the better part of 2 hours in a mirror maze, broke dozens of lasers in a Mission Impossible-style laser room, ate lunch together and wrapped up with a shopping trip to Charming Charlie. Oh, and there were cannoli. She could not bring in 15 without a plate of cannoli. I have no idea why.

Saturday ended with this beautiful sunset:

The best thing about our temporary home is the sunset views. Amazing as they are, I will trade them all for home, in a heartbeat. I have been incredibly homesick this week.

So, new hope. Here is hoping the check comes so we can get the crews working again full speed.

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