Thursday, May 10, 2012

Balancing Act

My reaction yesterday and today upon arrival at my 'house' was:

Holy CRAP! 
Big pile of dirt from under the back room of the house.


My stairs!

And a sort of speechless, mouth-hanging-wide-open OHHH.
A well-balanced room.

And then there was a really loud "y'all are tearing *!#* up again!"

Yup. That was my reaction. But I recovered. For the most part.

Look close at that last pic. That is a room. Balanced on a couple of boards. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

This is not what I expected to be parked in the driveway:
Not my car. 
At least the crews are feeling comfortable in my house. They're making themselves at home and improvising. They've created a table.
And added coat hooks.
Coats hanging from the plywood window covers.
All of the crews are doing a great job and things were really hopping there the last few days. The back yard has been excavated in preparation for bringing that balanced room up to code.  That requires building a new support structure that meets county code. The concrete was poured for the supports. The electricians were there installing boxes and wiring. The fireplace front came down today. The county codes inspector was there and gave a big thumbs up. And the landscaping rock arrived.
Landscaping stone
Wait...what? Who ordered that? Honey? We need to talk...

The Big Guy was like a ring master at a three ring circus. A ring master who sometimes forgets to announce things. Ahem. 

I was super excited to see new things going into the house. 
This is the room balanced on boards. Eep! 
No, not those kinds of things. These kinds of things:
Electrical stuffs.
This was a highly productive week in the house. Things are really moving now. Earth mostly...but hey, it's moving!

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