Monday, May 21, 2012

Someday, We'll Look Back and Laugh

Someday, I know we’ll look back on this year of our life and laugh. The pain will fade and the trauma will become a distant memory. We’ll tell stories about the fire and the rebuilding of our home and we’ll laugh. “Remember when” we’ll say. "Remember when Dad was yelling at the crew because they moved the electrical conduit and buried it in several feet of dirt right before the concrete mixer arrived.” Oh, the stories we’ll tell. “Remember that one time when Dad cut through the cables with the trench digger and cut off phone and cable service to 25 of our neighbors.”


Yeah. That happened.

Trench for electric lines.

It wasn’t his fault, really. He did call 1-800-DIG-RITE and several utility companies did mark the utility lines. But, somewhere along the line (puns totally intended) the lines got crossed and well…

Repairman in the hole.

This guy wasn’t too happy about it. So…I took a photo of the side he really wanted to show me. ‘Cause that’s how I roll when you’re grumpity with me. Hmph. They had to dig a MUCH larger hole (pit) in our yard and spend 2 (yes, 2) days repairing the lines. Sorry, Neighbors.

At any rate, the new electrical lines were installed, passed inspection, were buried, and…

Fresh cement.

The cement was poured!

Before the wet cement went down, we buried a time capsule. We thought it might be fun for the next poor souls who have to dig up that yard to find something interesting. We included new coins, a 2011 Christmas Coca-Cola bottle, an old iTunes card, some local restaurant menus, a copy of the high school newsletter, a music magazine (courtesy of the 15 year old), a page from the blog (of course), and a letter to the future time capsule finders among other things.  We placed it all in a PVC pipe and sealed the ends so whoever digs it up will know it is something really cool, or they'll think it's an old pipe bomb. Either way, it should make for an interesting discovery. 

The Big Guy marked our name and the date in the wet cement and that was that. The framing and plumbing continue and now they are tearing off bits of sheeting on the outside of the house. They are still finding blackened, smoke-filled pieces of insulation as they go. If you've never smelled burnt insulation, let me assure you it is atrocious. If you have smelled it, you know it is a smell you will never forget. We are trying to make sure that every last trace of that stench leaves our home. 

I guess that is excitement enough for one week. We'll see what this week brings. 

The little girls checking out the new pavement. 
Look at Rough Stuff holding one of our little blog cards. "Will this be on the blog, Mom?" Yes, kiddo. I think it will. (I should tell them that with every photo I take! They were actually cooperative!)


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