Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Smell Chicken

Today, we visited Casa Mesa to place the orders for our furniture. Our style is rustic, sort of Mission-inspired, a little eclectic, and Casa Mesa has exactly what we want. We had a house full of their furniture pre-crock and our goal was to get new pieces that were as close as possible to the old ones.

The problem with Casa Mesa is, we never get out of there with just what we went after. Our last visit to look at a dining table resulted in the purchase of the big metal cock I blogged about here. Cock-a-doodle doo!

I was so touched that the Big Guy would buy me this adorable chicken. He seemed like such a sweetheart. But, as men are prone to do, he was holding his real feelings hostage deep inside. Today, he drug home his own piece of Casa Mesa yard art.

The Big Guy and his new friend.
Today, his true feelings about my big metal chicken emerged.

Dinosaur eats big chicken.
That's some BS right there. I think it's cock envy.


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  1. LOL! The dino is attacking Beyonce!