Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Folks Will Do Anything to Get Out of Work

When I started writing this blog, I had two goals in mind.

One, was to offer a window seat to those who were interested in following our 3 month 6 month 8 month really long journey.  The other was to create a photo journal for our family of our journey to help document the process. The blog has taken a life of its own and it seems to be different things to different people – a comedic monologue, the basis for a book, a voyeuristic peek, a vehicle for lending support- and that’s okay.  I’m glad people can laugh with us.  It is no fun to laugh all by yourself. ‘Cause then folks think you’re crazy. 

So, some weeks you get a window to our progress. Some weeks you get a photo journal.  Progress halted this week because the insurance company is harboring our building funds. Argh! And one of the few subcontractors we had still on the job this week took a short vacation in the county jail. Aye yi yi. Some people will do anything to get out of work.

So, with no serious progress to document…you get a photo journal this week.

Enjoy! Here’s a peek at our last 7 days:

Little Bean took a swing at Rough Stuff and landed her palm on a pair of scissors instead. She left quarter-sized drops of blood through the house like a macabre Hansel and Gretel scene. She screeched (and I mean that in the most sincere use of the word) and hyperventilated. Rough Stuff screamed out in uncontrollable fear. The Middle Child hid in another room, hands over her eyes, bawling. It was all quite dramatic. We escaped the urgent care with only an 'irrigation' and some band-aids. No stitches due to the location of the wound. Yay!
Little Bean and her Red Cross bear.

The Boy got hit in the face while sparring with pool noodles at a graduation party and took a good cut under his eye.  Sparring. That means they were intentionally beating the snot out of each other. With foam noodles. Wrapped in duct tape. He spent a few hours with an ice pack, has a minor black eye, and will have a nice little scar.
The Boy.

Rough Stuff, I kid you not, decided to see what it would be like if we got in a car wreck while she had her feet up in the seat, so she slammed her own knee into her nose. (I tell them not to ride with their feet up in case we have a wreck.) Honest. For reals. I could not make this crap up.
Rough Stuff. Enough said. 
Are you seeing a theme here?




  1. Hey 3 out of 7 isn't bad... Maybe we can trade off this week? LOL..

  2. This has got me to thinking... I tell my kids sometimes when they are really wound up that if they don't settle down, I'm gonna knock you out.... I think I had better change that.. I can see it know, she goes to school with black eye, busted lip and so on... She says, Dad said he was going to knock me out so I thought I'd try that out so I....