Monday, September 3, 2012

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Men and a Tub

I don't often get to go to the house and actually see the labor happening over there, but since it was Labor Day, I got to stop by before dinner and catch a rare glimpse and take photos while the work was actually happening. 

I was mortified.

They were bustin' stuff up again.

Let me just preface this with a little background. For many months now, I've been telling the Big Guy that I did not think the showers and tubs were going to fit into the house after the framing was completed. The Big Guy assured me that everything would fit just fine. It did not fit. 

Let me explain the scene in that pic up there so you have some reference. That is a bath tub/shower insert. It is going through a wall. They had to remove- yes, remove- the electrical wiring and then cut the studs loose to create a giant (my description, not theirs) opening in the wall so they could get the tub up the stairs. 


That was just the beginning. 

"Hey, somebody just move that wire and it'll go right on up..."

No. No, it won't. 

"Hmm...let's take it back down, turn it around, lay it this way, flip it, and take it up width-wise."

Yeah. I bet that will work. *mega-eye-roll* (I bet they love it when I show up on the scene with my camera and positive attitude.)

"How'd we end up with just one guy up top?!"

(Go ahead...insert your own punch line here.)

This was not looking positive. 

"There! Now we just have to get it around the corner."

Aha.  Haha. Haha. Ha. Ahem. 

I had to walk away. They tell me they only had to move some studs and some of the railing to 'get it around the corner'. 

Have mercy. 

So, we have three shower/tub combos set. And, we have the foam insulation installed on the main floor. Yay for progress!

We are super-insulated! So much so, we are bursting at the seams with insulation!

Coming soon:

More insulation. More wiring (and some re-wiring). Fur downs. Drywall. 

The end is near-er. 



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