Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We're Rock-ing!

The sheetrock has arrived!

We're getting walls!!

It arrived on a really big truck. Huge.

They brought lots of stuff! 

Entire pallets of stuff!

I don't know what all of this stuff is, but the sheetrock crew is going to build walls with it! That's the important part. 

They used a crane to haul the materials from the truck through the door. A crane. In my backyard. Hauling loads of building materials through a second-floor door without steps. It's all so disturbing. 

That- up there in that pic- that is hole. A hole in the floor. Or ceiling. Depends on your perspective and where you're standing. They removed part of the floor to the upstairs rooms to get the materials moved up there. Every time I turn around, they tear something up again!

We have sheetrock stacked everywhere. And that's a good thing. Because...let's say it together...


The walls went up today in most of the upstairs part of the house. The Big Guy took us by to see the progress on the way to dinner. We all oohed and ahhed. It's really starting to look like home again.  

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