Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Say What?

A day in the life of fire restoration:

(Ring, Ring)
Big Guy: Hey! We're gonna have to  have to put the tub faucet in the middle of the tub. It's the only way we can run it. You okay with that?
Me: Um...didn't you just say you have to put it there?
Big Guy: Yes.
Me: Okay then. Why did you call?

(Ring, Ring)
Big Guy: Hey! We were thinkin'...what if we put the knobs in one corner of the tub and put the faucet in the other?

Now hold on a minute...

Let's think this one through.

This wading pool bath tub is a mere 4 foot by 6 foot. Yes. I'd like to walk to one side of the bathroom to turn on the water, and then walk to the other side of the bathroom to test the water temperature. Um...hells to the no. 

Me: Y'all need to quit thinkin'. 

And then there was this little gem:

The Big guy speaks English and the sheetrock crew speaks Spanish. No matter. Apparently 'What The Flip?' is universal. We all understood the question marks nailed up on that scrap of sheetrock. That scrap said "what the flip are we supposed to do with that?" 

But hey...

Somebody just grabbed a saw and carved out space for that wiring to be tucked into and the sheetrock went on up because...

Around here we just KEEP CALM AND SHEETROCK ON.



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