Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here She Grows

This spring brought a new challenge for our family. (We're all about new challenges here, yo.) Our middle child, Fish, started taking injections of human growth hormone after she was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. Fish is terrified of needles and I was mortified by the thought of poking a needle into another person, but we got the hang of it. It wasn't long at all before Miss Fish was giving injections to herself.

Finally, we saw the results of our efforts. All of those shots have produced a 1 1/2 inch height gain. We haven't seen that kind of growth in a very long time. Fish is actually back on a growth curve instead of a downward dip. We have a short window between here and puberty to add some additional height, but we're getting there! 

I'm thrilled with the changes we're seeing. Her face has changed; she has more tone and definition. Her muscles are more toned, and she seems to be relying on her rescue inhaler much less. The endocrinologist says we're on track to see 4 to 5 inches of growth this year. So far, it seems her toes have grown right over the ends of her sandals. 

I guess somebody is getting a whole new back-to-school wardrobe. 


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