Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Walk Away

This was an actual conversation in my house:

Myself- "Aw (bleep). I just stepped on your glasses!" Sigh. *Picks glasses up and attempts to bend back into shape. Coke bottle lens threatens to dislodge.* Sigh. "Wait...why were your glasses in the floor?!"

Rough Stuff- "I'm not wearing glasses with spit on them!"

Now, as a parent, you have a choice at a moment such as this. You can ask why and attempt to unravel the situation, or you can just walk away.

Walk. Away! Make the right choice, folks. Make the right choice!

You will never unravel this and it is not beneficial to your mental health. Just. Walk. Away.

I didn't walk away. No. I spent the next several minutes arguing over who owned which Barbie clothes and who spit on whom first.  That is why I have this deep crease in my forehead and dark circles under my eyes.

I never make the right choice in these situations.

So take a lesson from me- Walk away as fast as possible and never, ever ask why.

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