Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Say What?

Fish has a beautiful smile, but it can be quite elusive. When she was just a little Fish, she never smiled in photos.

Exhibit A: Kindergarten school photo

The photo arrived with this note:

Exhibit B: Club photos

Tuna (smiling), The Boy (smiling), and Fish

It's like she had some sort of vendetta with photographers. 

I had pretty much given up hope, but then...

I discovered the magic word. 

It's not cheese. 

This is cheese:

"Say cheese!"
Nope. Not cheese. It's...wait for it...


"Say puberty!"

It is, apparently, a hysterical word. Just the mention of it causes roaring laughter and awesome smiles. 

Who knew? Not I. With 5 kids between 8 and 18, I do not find puberty to be so hilarious. 

Maybe if we say it three times fast. Puberty, puberty, puberty. Nope. Still not funny. I guess it only works in the under 18 crowd.

How does that word affect you? 


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  1. It's a really creepy word, honestly. I hate the sound of it.