Monday, July 8, 2013

Say What?

So today...

Which is a MONDAY, of course...

We get the fabulous news (from our mortgage company, no less) that our insurance company has DOUBLED our rates. It seems we no longer qualify for their safe list since our beloved crock pot burned the house down.

I find that interesting because now the house has all new wiring and fire foam around the wiring- we're safer than we've ever been.

We did not receive this news from the insurance company. Because, you know...that would have been too much like right. No. We got this news from the mortgage company who rejected our payment when we didn't make the payment out to include the newly inflated escrow amount. Happy Monday. 

A friend recently said that our house fire is like a gift that keeps on giving. She was so right. It just keeps giving.

And giving.

And giving.

And giving.


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