Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Sprung

Spring break has sprung. What did we do for spring break? We shopped, we met with subcontractors, and we pored over the inventory sheets.

Wait a minute….isn’t that what we do EVERY week? Yep. Pretty much. 

We met with more subcontractors. Oh, wait. I said that already, huh? Well guess what? I’ll be saying it again, and again, and again because it just keeps happening, and happening, and happening. Actually, I don’t meet with subcontractors. The big guy does. My role is to ask him umpteen-eleven times who he met with and what they said and who he is meeting with the next day. And I’m really good at my role. Just ask him. It’s okay. You can ask him more than once too because he is super-patient with repetitive questions.  (colossal eye roll)

We pored over the inventory sheets trying to count how many cereal bowls, dinner plates, and salad plates were accounted for and what price range we were given for those items. Then, we gave up. We gave up because the numbers didn’t come anywhere close to what we owned and the prices varied tremendously.  And then we remembered what the kitchen looked like when the inventory was put together and we laughed.

Kitchen floor and over-stuffed chair, post crock. 
Oh hey, there's the rest of our dishes! Right under the insulation and the ceiling. I can see the little bits of bright, red stoneware peeking through here and there.  

So, off we went to the store to buy new dishes! I don’t have a pretty picture for you because the wonderful folks at Pryde's of Old Westport wrapped them all up very nicely and they will stay that way until we actually move home and put them in our new kitchen cabinets.  I can assure you though, that they are ah-mazing and I cannot wait to eat on them.  If you are in the Kansas City area, I highly recommend Pryde's- great staff and a fabulous selection of kitchenware.  If you are not in the Kansas City area then you probably have an IKEA in which case I don’t want to talk to you anyway.  Hmph. (unintelligibly muttering,  can'tbelieveIhaveawholehousetorestockwithnoIKEAwithin8flippinhours) 

We couldn’t let spring break slip by without a little fun.

What? Shopping is not fun?  

No, no it is not. Not anymore. We are all seriously sick of shopping for stuff we already owned. 

So we had a little surprise visit to D & B. The girls had milkshakes then we were off to play games. The big guy made his littlest girl’s eyes light up when he landed the spinning light on the 1,000 ticket space. She clapped for him while the tickets rolled out…and rolled out…and rolled out. He is her hero.
They have arrived at D & B, but they don't realize it yet!

Tuna does smile! Must be the milkshake.
The Spin Master, AKA Little Bean's hero. 

And what do you do with all those tickets?  

I’m not even going to talk about what is going on at the house this week because really…nothing is as exciting as the new dishes!

Oh okay, fine. They are starting the HVAC work.

See? Not exciting. So not exciting. I’m sorry Mr. HVAC, but new dishes are the thang! 


  1. Tuna is your mini-me. Saw a photo of her earlier today and I thought it was YOU! (Browsing on my phone...that's what happens!) Happy the girls had a good time!