Saturday, March 31, 2012

If We're Ever Going to See a Rainbow...

We have to stand a little rain.

Yeah, yeah...I get it. But, in our HOUSE?

C'mon people. Really?

I knew it was going to rain in my house. I could see it in my crystal ball. Plus, it's March. And what does it do in March? It rains. Oh, and the wind blows. Yep. It rains and blows. So it didn't really take a genius to see what was coming from that whole tarp on the roof thing I shared here a few weeks back.


Tarps on back of house
led to this...

A trickle of water in the upstairs bedroom.
which resulted in this...

Small pond in the kitchen floor.

And then there was this...

The big guy is sweeping the water through the hole for the floor vent into the basement. 
Because apparently the temporary fix is just to shove all the water to the lowest level of the house so it can go down a drain. Aye yi yi. 

They have assured me that this is a normal part of the construction process, that the water has hurt nothing, and that the roofers will be out soon. That is so not reassuring. There is not supposed to be water puddled on my floors. This, I am sure of. 

Alas, it is a new day and today, the sun is shining. Hi ho, hi ho, off to shop we go.

We've picked out our sofas and chairs, but we still need to decide on beds for the kids. 

Oh, and we need to pick up a calculator while we're out. I can't believe how many times in the last five months I've wanted a calculator. 

Oh, and an iron! We're going to need our own iron when the leasing company picks their's up. 

And towels. We don't have towels yet. Just the rented ones. 

Faucets. We need to look at faucets today. 

And shower inserts. 


We still haven't picked the tile. 


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