Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Are You Smokin' Lady?

So the other day we were shopping for stuff, like we do ALL the time right now. You know, stuff that we once owned. Stuff to fill our house back up when it is ready to move into. Every house needs a sufficient amount of stuff, right?

Anyway...this simple shopping trip for mundane stuff turned hysterical in an instant.

Here is the conversation I had with a total stranger at Hobby Lobby:

Stranger: Oh! I just LOVE that box! That is really nice!

Me: Yeah! I got it for the Wii... Isn't it cute?

Stranger: (takes one step back and stares at me in utter shock)

Me: (What the hell is wrong with her? Surely she has heard of a Wii.) A Wii...a game system...I thought it would hold all of the controllers and games and stuff...

Stranger: OH! I thought you said WEED. "I got it to hold the weed."

I cracked up!! A weed box! No wonder she was looking at me that way. She said "I thought, I can't believe this girl just said that...I wonder if she'll stand here and say it again?" Then she said "and that is an awfully BIG box."

I could not stop laughing. The big guy, who by the way looks a lot like a Grateful Dead band member, caught on and started laughing. The cashier caught the whole thing finally and she got the giggles. We pushed our new Wii box out to the truck laughing the whole way. I could not get over the mortified look on that woman's face when I said Wii box. 

We proceeded to the paint store and started trying to match paint samples for our newly selected brand to the cards I've been carrying in my purse for oh, five months. Several minutes into our paint chip perusing we realize we are standing next to the same lady shopping for paint and the whole fit of laughter started all over again. We had to fill the paint store associate in on our weed box scenario. 

I'm sure none of our future shopping trips will be that much fun and I'll certainly never look at the Wii box without giggling. 

Wii Box

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