Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still Smiling

Our family has really been through the ringer with this fire. We've been on a roller coaster of emotions and it has taken a toll on all of us.

We all felt sheer terror when the fire ravaged our home. We all felt the fear of the unknown as we settled into temporary shelter. We all felt disoriented as we tried to adjust to life without any familiar items or surroundings. We all felt insecure and anxious as the weeks dragged by waiting on the insurance company and the mortgage company to complete all the red tape so the clean-out could begin. We felt sadness and hurt as our belongings were tossed into dumpsters.

It is an adjustment to be sure, and we don't always take it in stride. The rebuild is well under way and we can all see the goal- we'll be home before we know it. Still...there is tension, fear, uncertainty, stress. We lash out at each other sometimes. We yell. We cry.

One of us though, one of us...has been completely unaffected.

One of us has been strong as steel.

One of us has managed to smile every single day as if nothing ever happened.

One of us gets up every single day ready to take on the world with a big goofy smile.


Yep. One of us is oblivious to all this mess.

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